Saturday, 1 May 2010

why i'm not so good at memorizing?

    MEMORIZING.. it must be related to our bRaIn..

to memorize, our brain must be at full speed another term is high frequency.
but there are problem that affect our brain to decrease it's frequency..
do you know our body are fragile? why? 
because our body is easily exposed to as our brain but in kind of different way..

don't scare!!, our body are already protected by it's own defense mechanism..

 all of this are related to our DIET..

1. Balance diet actually can help in memorizing..
    it has it scientific explanation. buy i just give you random explanation.
      when we eat to much, we feel very weak and wanting to sleep. 
     -wanting to sleep  means our brain activity had decreased, that's why our memorizing 
      also decrease.. but dont eat less.. it cause brain exhaution.. increase work but no fuel..

     So, eat medium, stop before you are full... trust me you love it.. for muslim, this is one
    of the WAY of RASULULLAH S.A.W diet..

2. Dont stressed on it..*(it  =  the things that you have to memorize)
      it's makes you hard to focus and it's just make you worse..
      stressed can caused many things unwanted.. 
    so, i'll give you an example about it. if we have exam, it is very hard but we have to take it.
    when the times come, you'll have to sit for your, you'll have to face it..
    if panicked.. it come to 2 resolution...
a. you'll be blank and u can;t answer a thing.
b. you can try and you can focus on the exam

so, choose wisely..parental advise: plz ignore the notice board. just for fun!!

3. to memorize, somehow. you must be creative.

    we always hear about creative.. but we dont practic it. there are many ways on being creative..
for example: imagine with me. when you go to the place where u have been before with your family,
what will you remember? of course you remember your family well. So, we can apply this.
you put anyknowledge or anything to the object that you like the most, you know or others..
this is one of the way by being creative.. so, be CREATIVE...

4. Sleep. 

   sleep early has more quality than sleep late. Sleep early making us to go through stages and less
rapid eye movememt REM. while sleep late is vise versa. 
what is REM? 
REM is when we experienced dream, loss of muscle tone, autonomic manifestation, penile erection 
and others .it is caused by increase in brain activity. 
what about stages? 
We will go through 4 stages. stage 1,2,3,4 and REM sleep. first cycle are valuable. By night, 
we will go through 4-6 cycle.. so sleep well.
The connection is when we sleep late or dont sleep causes
 Neuroreceptor loses its sentivity to serotonin and epinephrin which lead to
 impaired cognitive function. Try to search for impaired cognitive function.. !!

 BAD sleep quality!!

 GOOD sleep quality!! 

there are others, i will try to update more on this topics..

so, what about you? if u agree you can add or give comment about it, and 
if you dont. give a comment about it. maybe i was wrong...and i hope i was wrong
    so that we can discuss it further...!! all of this are my opinions..

i want to know yours...!!



  1. memorizing and studying are two different things u can study at any time but when comes to memorize, only when your environment suite your brain thus it'll be able to do so..

  2. ur ahli beit bilbeit4 May 2010 at 17:43

    'The great Imam ash-Shafi, he went to his teacher Waki`
    Complaining about the weakness of his memory.
    He told him, 'abandon rebellion, for knowledge is a light
    And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon a rebel.' - Talib Al-Habib

    memorizing isn't merely related to diet, but also related to ourselves and deeds :)

    also, when we eat too much, lots of energy needed to process/digest the food, so the energy for the brain activity is reduced, hence we feel sleepy (ngabe~haha!)

    p/s : stuju ngn abg capik, so tidy your room up, dude! :p

  3. it is not simple as that, i think..

    when we eat, it's stimulated insulin, insulin causes mobilization of fatty acid, glucogenesis is also inhibited. glycolysis occur.. this fatty acid cannot be utilized by extrahepatic tissue. for e.g: brain.. so brain.

    while in fasting state,
    insulin is inhibited, causes production of glucose, ketone bodies. this can be itilize by extrahepatic tissue, for e.g brain..
    am I right?

  4. ur ahli beit bilbeit4 May 2010 at 18:12

    yeah u rite, and biochemistry book is always right :D

    p/s : g masok nuh~

  5. maybe u're right about by eating somehow ca efffect brain activity, can u give us the expanation..!!

  6. Ada satu sal brain activity..
    to increase it, u can give a question to your brain until your brain cannot answer.

    prove : do u had a experience, when you doing something, ada benda terlintas dlm fikiran anda.. maksudnya.. your brain is working until your brain gets it's answer...